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The Vivatrium in recess

Season 2


A suite of soundtrack masters (24-bit/48khz) are available for streaming or download on the HR Arts Factory - Bandcamp platform. This includes a 5-episode pilot audio drama series with James Scott (narrator), PJ Williams and Clare Moss. 'Synaesthesia' is a theatrical monologue by PJ Williams. Words and phrases from Season One form 'word riffs'. PJ's performance signals the comedic atmospherics of the series.

AD TR1_Talking in Tongues_V3.0.jpg
HR_Underground At-sm_V1.0 2.jpg
Hail Regina_sm-Door of Hope_LOTC_V2.0 copy 2.jpg

Curatorial notes (i.e. suggestions for future screen director's) accompany each original and cover track, to identify where they might synchronise to a specific scene within a television episode script.

Compulsory mechanical licenses have been acquired for covers, with synchronisation licensing to be commenced if and when the track is required in a future production.

HR Arts Factory - Hail Regina Music Downloads


 Hail Regina Cover Tracks - recorded by HR Arts Factory - Apple Link:

Inside the HR Audio Workshop

Experimental audio, composition and soundtrack creation

- images from the project archive:

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