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Vintage Mechanical Circus

by Gypsy Picture Show  

A Scalable Production

The series is designed as a flexible screen and theatrical entertainment offering. Given the commercial challenges, the characters and story are initially presented in a  24 serial-chapter e-novel format. Thereafter, it's been adapted into a 12 episode, drama for television series, for screen developer investment.   

Theatre - Planning  

George Bernard Shaw published 'Pygmalion' in 1912 and staged it in 1913. But it took until 1938 and 1964 to be adapted to film. Shaw deceased in 1950, six years before there was a successful stage musical (2,717 shows in New York - 2,281 in London ref: Britannica). This illustrates the stoicism required - and the importance of archiving, to extend a work's production potentials over time. 

 93mins |flying musical-comedy (in construction 2023-24)

projected-imagery backdrops with FX|hybrid pantomime 

narrative & spoken storyline|family orientated

hail regina png text copy_edited_edited.

A renaissance show

of aerial mystery& delight



Design: delivery of Digital vs. Live Theatre Specification

Digital: In this era, the ability to film and stream a workshop production on-line, allows concepts to be developed in economical gradients, toward investment decisions. The platform 'Digital Theatre' + 'DT+' demonstrates the interest from on-line audience and drama institutions, in streaming theatre for entertainment and education.


Live: Obviously, this design requires detailed planning, schematics, stage, lighting, audio and aerial rigging configurations etc. This can be delivered in modules (subject to funding constraints) in the time ahead. Interest and advice from designers is welcome, given the skill sets, cost and complexity required.


 ​            BMA MAGAZINE - The theatrical mission explained


'New Compelling Original Work 'Hail Regina' (Bruegel & Bosch returned)? '


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