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Atomic puritan guardian

in the Capital Season 3 

The Cast of Characters

Royston Bustwick - State-leader |Commodore Petersen

Jack Spooner - The Exchequor |Dirk van Ritter

Natascha - AI Manikin |Reginald Thudmore

- Attorney-general

Sir Perceval Lamb - Chair, Docklands Board

Many Fagan - Director-General, I & T Bureau


The oligarchs of the Table of Knowledge

Archbishop Garibaldi - Head of the Church of St. Dandy

Proctor Wallace - Head flaggellant-chamber monk

Vernona - the veiled one |Santamaria - flying pulphit ecclesiastic

O'Malley & the laundry dwarfs |Sir Nigel -

-the performing donkey

The Thallium sisters |The Madonna of Child Mercy


Matron Hansard & Mrs. Rash | Mr. Justice Brumby

Sodomous & Chastity - state electronic confessors

Samantha, Pasha & Gloria - glamour artists

Dolly - entertainment ewe

Warrin Fitz Gerald - the State Constructor


Lady Melrose, Magella Luminere' - Docklands Board members

Derek Whitehall - hairdresser, Whitehall's Salon

Dustan Whitehall - thespian groomer | The Talking Head

Jock Cory- Human Relations, Secretary Morris Dancing League

Tristan, Rapsody & Octavia - lady-boy servants to Sir Percy

Derek the Hornsman - Hornsman's Brigade

Mrs. Albertus - St.Dandy's Kitchen Cook

The State Traumatists | Mt. Liberty Controller

Alfonso - crimen sollicitationis addict

Dwayne – the state envoy-dog

Visuals - Still Image Gallery

Pink Design.png
iStock-92187510 copy.jpg

Row 1( Left to Right)

1. The Blasphemous Head 2. The Garden Games 3. Docklands Centre Construction 4. The Vivatrium

Row 2

1. Flagellation Chamber Cage 2.Aerial performance 3.Peepholes of the Crucifix Warriers 4. State Envoy Dog

Row 3

1. The Gala-ball 2. Docklands Centre schematic 3. Disturbed altar boy 4. One-arm George

Row 4

1. The Gala-ball 2. The State Child Redistribution Centre 3. Natascha 4. St. Dandy's Cathedral Vicarage

Row 5

1. Smog Sirens in the Capital 2. Gala-ball oligarchy guests 3.Underground Atonement monk

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