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Ganglands Hacker 

Season 2


Screen - Mini-Series Pilot 


"In the aftermath of the great economic crash of 2025+, the Secular Party will rebuild the Docklands in the Capital. Dirk van Ritter will wash the feet of the oligarchs to earn high-office. Millions interned in the debt-camps strive to return to the Capital. Underneath St. Dandy's cathedral, elites are flagellated and atoned outside of the justice system." 

3 Seasons | 12 episodes

Seasons 1-3 - Synopsis



dystopian | satire 

IP Industry 

IP industry 

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The series synopsis & scripts  are available for Coverfly Industry Members

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Reviews (Pilot Screenplay) 2023


LA Golden Script Competition

"A fascinating political allegory ...clearly thought out and intriguing."


Big Break Screenwriting Competition

"The script was highly creative and felt unlike anything else currently on the market ...original and complex, making it a timely piece of storytelling."

e-novels 2025-2030 | 24 episode-chapters

          24 serial chapters |232,000 words | futuristic society                                           

Season 1

Hail Regina Episode One enovel
HR_Order Out of Chaosv2.0.jpg
HR_Parable One-Arm GeorgeV3.0.jpg
HR_The Gala Ball Proposal 2 2.jpg
HR_Garden Games 3 2.jpg
HR_Dolly & Oxide Capers.jpg
HR_Navivity Da Carnival".jpg

About the Work

This is Kevin Karmalade's debut series, penned as a vintage-style satire. An essay on the author's making of the work, "Explanatory Note: Transition to Artist"  is placed at  the end of novel one (Episodes 1-8). The novels do not set out to mirror societal dysfunction - as many past genre works did. Rather, it's a modern take of this style of fiction. Its overt theatrical flamboyance also denotes a different offering compared to traditional works in the utopian-dystopian legacy. Hail Regina is written to entertain above all else. It is family-friendly with 14+ age, mature themes.



Stylistic influences include, 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift (1726), 'The Iron Heel' by Jack London (1907), 'We' by Yevgeny Zamyatin (1920), 'Brave New World' (1932), 'Fahrenheit 451' (1953), Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut (1952) and 'The Children of Men' by P.D. James (1992).

Season 2 - releasing 2024

HR New Cover S2 Ep1 _Redistribution.jpg

Season 3 - releasing 2024

Y_HR Cover_S3_Ep1_V001 2.jpg


 ​            BMA MAGAZINE


"New Compelling Original Work 'Hail Regina' (Bruegel & Bosch returned)?"


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