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HR Arts Factory presents:

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Atomic Guardian in the Capital - Season 3

An original stage & screen

drama designed for

entertainment industry developers

In the near future...

In the aftermath of the great economic crash, the Secular Party will rebuild the Docklands. Dirk van Ritter will wash the feet of the oligarchs to earn high-office. Millions interned in the debt-camps strive to return to the Capital. Underneath St. Dandy's cathedral, elites are being flagellated and atoned outside of the justice system... 

                     Original Sound Track:

The Opening  (5.33)

00:00 / 05:33
HR_The Opening_V1.0.jpg

Reviews (Pilot Screenplay) 


LA Golden Script Competition

"A fascinating political allegory ...clearly thought out and intriguing."


Big Break Screenwriting Competition

"The script was highly creative and felt unlike anything else currently on the market ...original and complex, making it a timely piece of storytelling."


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