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Hail Regina home page screens
Hail Regina Home page

Hail Regina - an original stage & screen

production concept set in a

futuristic Westminster setting

R&D Test Gallery  (beta testing in 2023 - feedback welcome)



To Visit

Press link below, ENTER  and wait for gallery to load (40-60 sec)

For Desktops

Click the TOP RIGHT BUTTON to access the 'Enter Full Screen' tour. Press 'Esc'  on your keyboard to exit at any stage.

For Laptops, iPads, phones etc.

These devices may not tolerate 'Full Screen' mode. If so, you can 'Esc' and tour in the normal screen mode.





First-time Visitors

Press the 'Help' button for navigation tips.


The BOTTOM LEFT BUTTONS <PREV and NEXT> pop up when you click on the first art piece 'Order Out of Chaos'. From there, the NEXT> button provides a smooth guided tour around the venue, start to finish.   

                     Original Sound Track: The Opening  (5.33)


HR_The Opening_V1.0.jpg


"Dripping with satire & absurdity, "Hail Regina' may be the perfect lockdown read"


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