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In 2018 HR Arts Factory Studio, completed the first of six concept EP's that are designed to present audiences with the sonic themes for this work.

Hail Regina is set in an opaque futurist setting that has allowed essentially, an unlimited canvass for the writer's imagination to 'paint' upon.

The metaphysical elements in the novellas lend themselves to orchestral-like sonic treatments. This has been combined with contemporary instruments - 60's guitar, 80's keys, modern percussion rhythms - to create a unique soundscape - which is naturally saturated with musical and visual backdrops within the work itself.

The first official video highlights the theme track,  "Lighting of the Candles" which was written by Kevin Karmalade and recorded at HR Factory in June 2018.

It hopefully signals that the 'sounds' of Hail Regina will be an important feature of future presentations of the work - whether is it ultimately seen by audiences as a theatrical or audio-visual eBook presenation.

The new video is in pre-mastering stage and  will be

in May 2019

Official Video

You Tube Chanel

Vimeo Link