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Hail Regina eBook media production  

HR Arts Factory is a member of the  Bandmix - artist collaboration & production community
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HR Arts Factory
ACN: 628 046 444

An arts-sector based
audio & vision workshop

artist co-ordination
eBook  dramatization
copyright & publishing


Hail Regina is released through
Gatekeeper Press
Ohio, USA

ISBN No: 9781642376319


Reader Age & Gender Equality Note

The Hail Regina novellas contain mature themes. They are recommended for all ages from 14+ years. The work has been specifically written to be family friendly and intentionally avoids the use of offensive language for this purpose. Parents or guardians are encouraged to review and make their own recommendations for the 14-17 age banding.
In recognition of emerging gender-complex curriculums in education—and future applications in the broader community, this series is a humorous, multi-gender inclusive work, which recognises the equality and human rights of all forms of gender identity and diversity.